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Experts warn second wave of Covid-19 is likely to be even more devastating. Studies based on influenza show that the inversion of climate could prolong the pandemic status.  Along with different measures to fight Covid-19 taken  by different countries could easily start Covid-19 again. Hopefully, countries and governments have learned from this lesson and could react differently if Covid-19 is to return.

In some countries, people think quarantining could be more harmful than the virus as it could kill the economy. Therefore they have been carrying on with their daily lives.  In these areas, the people could achieve herd-immunity but they could still be a potential threat to neighboring countries.

Vaccine: Many are relying on vaccine to be invented but it seems unlikely that it will happen in 2020.

To fight off current situation and prepare for the next wave, countries should be prepared with essential products this summer.  Therefore, MediTrust plans to work with Korean companies in providing qualified masks to the world.










Certificate Problems: Korea was never a mask exporting country.  Therefore many companies never applied for CE or FDA certificates until this pandemic.  Our priorities will be to work with CE  and FDA approved masks manufacturers.  Even if CE or FDA can not be provided, we will supply with TOP10 mask manufacturers in Korea for quality.

Korea Mask Export Ban: Korea has mask export ban active until June 30th.  We think the ban will be lifted but there is always a risk of extending if there is a severe outbreak in Korea.


Product Info: We will disclose full product info to clients who are interested in working with us.

Quality Inspection: We will have local Korean partners go to factories to follow up on the lead time and to inspect quality. 

Price Control: We offer one price for all KF94 brands and KF99 brands.  We will purchase before the price war begins in Korea and lock down on the prices with factories.

Expiration Date: Unlike bulk packaging majority of China factories supply, we will have them individually packaged (Max of 5pcs in 1pack) to be safe to use within 3years.

Low MOQ: Currently most Chinese factories’ MOQ is set at 1million pcs.  We offer 50k as our 1unit MOQ.

After Service: If there are problems with masks, we will hold factories accountable as we are buying from them as Korean company and NOT foreign company.


Please contact us for further information and cooperation methods.

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