Celemics is a kit manufacturing company for targeted sequencing in Korea.  They are currently the only kit manufacturer in Europe and Asia.  Celemics is also a servicing provider for local Korean market.  They have developed large scale capture platform 4th in the world. 


What does CELEMICS do in this area…
1. Kit manufacturer for targeted sequencing (Other companies in this area: Agilent Technologies, Illumina, Life Technologies)
2. Diagnostic service provider (Other companies in this area: Foundation Medicine, Myriad, Invitae, Pathway Genomics)


What makes CELEMICS unique?
1. Developed large scale capture platform 4th in the world
2. Low-cost, but very high performance kit manufacturer (Top performance in the market)
3. Full vertical integration for the targeted sequencing service (Realization of low-cost)
4. The only kit manufacturer in Europe and Asia.


National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) was founded in 1895.  Over the last hundred plus years since its founding, NTUH has nurtured countless professionals in medicine, including medical students, specialists, pharmacists, nurses and technicians. They have served all over the world, and have gained much prominence with their outstanding performance. With respect to medical service, the quality of NTUH’s clinical practice is well known and highly trusted by the people of Taiwan. NTUH's diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis and cancer, organ transplantation, and its pioneering research accomplishments in biophotonics and clinical trial have also gained international recognition.


NTUH is the first ISO certified NGS lab in Taiwan.  Meaning, it is now adequet to give clinical trial reports in Taiwan.