About MediTrust Innovation

MediTrust Innovation was founded in March, 2015 by Hyunki Hong.  MediTrust is the sole ditributor of Korea's Celemics products. Our goal is to not only help patients have a greater chance to fight off diseases caused by gene mutation but even the healthy people to understand their body better using affordable Next Generation Sequencing.

Why We Started

Taiwan is surrounded by Asia's more developed countries and speaks the same language as China.  With these benefits, Taiwan is top-tiered in medical research.   Unfortunately, Taiwan is not well funded and lacks in benefiting its own people.

Next Generation Sequencing is the key to saving lives or give better living conditions in the future.  Unfortunately, with limited population and resources, NGS kits used and the service prices for running the machines are extremely high.  MediTrust hopes to benefit as many people as so everyone can to find an alternative solution.

MediTrust is now focusing majorly on Taiwan market and other Mandarin speaking countries.  MediTrust will work in its best effort to provide affordable kits and services as a package or as a single product. 


Current Progress


Great News!!!

Celemics products have been approved by NTUH!!! Our products' parallel comparison reports will be coming out soon too!!!

Celemics' Speaker:  Hyoki Kim  CEO of Celemics Inc. Korea

1. Thorough introduction of Celemics' products. 

2. Brief idea of Korea's NGS market.

3. Future plans of improvements.

MediTrust Speaker: Hyunki Hong  CEO of MediTrust

1. How Celemics products will change Taiwan's NGS market.

2. Introducing new system to work with different hospitals and service providing labs.

3. Marketing strategy for Taiwan district.

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