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What is NGS?


Genetic testing is a test researchers and doctors use to analyze DNA sequences to determine specific genetic mutations.  DNA testing reflects one's future health condition and potential risks of developing diseases due to genetic disorders.  This may increase one’s living quality by avoiding major diseases from occurring and used as a guideline to make better choices about health care. 



Cancer Panel Kit


Using our Cancer Panel Kit, you can easily target the gene you are looking for using NGS



Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a genetic testing method replacing traditional DNA sequencing technology.  NGS allows researchers to determine specific genetic mutations to give information with more depth at a level never done before. 






Customization Kit

Don't see what you you are looking for?  Let us know!! We can help you make what you need!!!

Top Q


TopQXSEP MagBeads are an ideal matrix for the purifcation of single or double stranded DNA from a variety of biological mixtures.



Our Work


NGS system may hold the keys to decreasing cancer occurrence rate, fatality rate caused by cancer, new born babies with rare disease; down syndrome, Patau syndrome and etc...

Taiwan is a high cancer occurring country compared to other countries but unfortunately, the prices for cancer prediction test and tests for cancer medicine reaction rate is very expensive.  MediTrust’s goal is to benefit more people to provide better living quality and provide suitable cure data for cancer patients.  To lower the cost of overall NGS testing price, MediTrust Innovation and Celemics Korea decided to collaborate and bring more cost friendly kits to Taiwan. 

To further decrease the prices of NGS pricing, unlike other current service providers in Taiwan who send patients’ DNA samples to foreign countries to run NGS, MediTrust is very fortunate to work with National Taiwan University to run the whole system in Taiwan.

Cancer Screening Test Kit


A comprehensive test that analyzes about 40 genes that are associated over Breast, Ovarian, Colorectal, Endometrial, Melanoma, Pancreatic, Gastric, Prostate and Lung cancers.      

BRCA Testing Kit


A test that analyzes BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes associated with potential risks for breast, ovaries, pancreas and prostate cancers.      


​2019 年03月15日:  好消息!! CELEMICS的BRCA用與TOPQ MAGBEAD產品已被台大醫院納入為


Nobel Guard

Coming Soon

Enfant Guard

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